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Actor Andrew Klasnic Cured Severe Skin Conditions with Vegan Diet

Andrew Klasnic
Image: Instagram/Andrew Klasnic

Actor Andrew Klasnic revealed how a vegan diet cured his severe eczema and other skin conditions that stopped him from auditioning for roles.

According to Daily Mail, Klasnic used to miss out on roles because he was too embarrassed by his eczema and other skin conditions to attend auditions.

The actor has been dealing with severe eczema, which would come and go from time to time, since he was a child. As he grew older, he began to experience other skin problems such as psoriasis and severe acne.

“I had eczema even as a small child and over the years it would come and go,” he said. “It was always hard to pinpoint but it may have been down to the food I ate as I was never the healthiest of eaters. I loved to indulge on all types of yummy but unhealthy food.”

He admitted that he had been following the typical American diet consisting of fast food but did not realize that it was the problem as it did not affect his weight.

However, he revealed that aside from skin problems, he also had other health issues such as migraines and digestive problems — some of which his doctors tried to cure with antibiotics.

“I had adopted some unhealthy eating habits which didn’t help my skin’s issues as an adult,” he shared.

In 2017, Klasnic’s eczema and psoriasis on his face and neck became so severe that he had to ditch auditions because applying makeup would burn his already aggravated skin.

In 2018, his face was already covered with large, red blotchy patches of eczema, which made him realize that he needed to change his lifestyle.

“About a year ago, I felt lost and hopeless when my skin began to flare up to the worst I had ever seen. I had red blotchy patches of eczema covering my face and neck, and my face was swollen to the point that I didn’t look myself,” he shared.

“As an actor, having skin issues was very disheartening and difficult to deal with as I was constantly needing to be on camera or meeting with casting directors to secure a role.”

“There was a point when I couldn’t audition for six months because my skin was horrendous. I was so embarrassed that I even declined auditions just so I didn’t have to attempt to cover up my face.”

“Even when I did cover it up, it burned to put makeup on and made it worse afterwards, so it wasn’t even worth the pain for a while.”

After hearing good reviews about the book Medical Medium — which Science Based Medicine described as a book that provides health advice based on claimed communication with the spirit world — Klaznic started the 28-day raw vegan diet.

He also learned that a daily dose of celery juice is a key component to healing his skin as he showed signs of improvement after just a few days.

“I began eating a plant-based diet, but it wasn’t easy, especially because for the first month I ate only raw vegan food. But it changed my perspective on health, diet, and skin issues after seeing it work,” he said.

“It allowed my body to work on healing rather than always digesting. Cutting out dairy, soy, pork, eggs, and gluten allowed my digestion to rest and give my body a chance to fight back against the toxins in my body.”

“The celery juice helped in so many ways. I started it at the end of my raw vegan cleanse, but even just those last few days I felt it.”

“Now, my skin is a lot better than it was, so I’m not as strict. I still have a healthy routine though. I always start my morning with a glass of fresh lemon water a splash of ionic zinc,” he concluded.

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