A US official was infected with coronavirus, but had no contact with Biden

The official added that, according to “rigorous” protocols, he will stay away from the White House while they await more evidence and that a detailed contact tracing is being carried out.

“We know that there will be cases, but, as this incident shows, in vaccinated people they are typically mild. The White House is prepared for cases to appear with regular tests,” he admitted.

Psaki also revealed that there were other infections from inoculated people among White House staff, but he did not confirm how many, when they occurred, or if they had received the full schedule of the drug.

“This is another reminder of the effectiveness of anticovid vaccines against serious illnesses or hospitalizations,” Psaki said at a press conference, quoted by the AFP news agency.

For its part, the office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, confirmed that one of its main spokespersons tested positive after meeting with Democratic state legislators from Texas who had been in Washington.

Since she was exposed, the person had no contact with Pelosi, who comes after the vice president in the line of presidential succession, said his deputy chief of staff, Drew Hammill, in a statement.

The vaccination campaign in the United States stalled in recent weeks after great progress.

About 68% of adults received at least a first dose, but there are large geographic disparities.

Opposition to the injection is significantly tied to the political divide in the country, with much more pronounced resistance from the right-wing demographic, particularly among supporters of former President Donald Trump.

Now plagued by the dreaded Delta strain, the United States remains the country most affected since the start of the pandemic, above India and Brazil, with 34.1 million cases and 609,000 deaths, according to the latest health report.


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