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A top general in the United States intervened to prevent a Trump military attack on China

Renowned American journalist Bob Woodward and his colleague Robert Costa reveal it in “Peril”, A book to be published on September 22: America’s highest ranking American general made sure Donald Trump could not launch an attack against China in the last days of his tenure. Now the Republicans are calling for the general’s dismissal, whom they accuse of treason.

Mark Milley is simply the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Clearly, he mistrusted the sanity of his superior, Commander-in-Chief and President Donald Trump.

After the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill, Mark Milley went so far as to assure other high-ranking generals that the procedures for launching nuclear strikes, that is, through it, would be followed.

A few months earlier, he had already spoken with his Chinese counterpart Li Zuocheng to assure him that there was no plan to attack China. Another phone call to China after the attack on the Capitol to tell them that the situation it was stable.

“General Li, I want to assure you that the US government is stable and everything is working fine.”Milley said in his October call, the book’s authors wrote.

“We are 100% stable. Everything is fine. But democracy can sometimes be neglected.”Milley told Li, according to the book.

To calm the Chinese, Milley went so far as to make the Indo-Pacific Command postpone military exercises that Beijing could have seen as a potential threat.

Reassure Pelosi

That same day, on January 8, Mark Milley also had a conversation with Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, to assure her that the situation was under control and that the military I would not do anything illegal or crazy.

“He’s crazy, you know he’s crazy, and he’s been crazy for a long time,” Nancy Pelosi said. “I agree with you in everything”replied the one who is supposed to be Donald Trump’s closest military adviser. The former occupant of the White House did not want to answer to the questions of the authors of the book.

Milley also spoke with other senior officials, including CIA Director Gina Haspel and National Security Agency chief Paul Nakasone, on the need to be vigilant in the face of the possibility that Trump was acting irrationally.

“Some might argue that Milley exceeded his authority and claimed extraordinary power,” the reporters wrote.

However, he believed he was acting correctly “to ensure that there was no a historic break in the international orderNo accidental war with China or others, no use of nuclear weapons, “they said.


The Pentagon declined to comment on the publication, but in response Trump lashed out Tuesday, calling Milley crude words and blaming him for the chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan in August.

“I guess they will try him for treason because he would have been dealing with his Chinese counterpart behind the president’s back“Trump said in a statement.

Milley and others, Haspel included, were concerned Trump would launch an attack against China or Iran either out of frustration or to find a way to hold on to the chair.

“It is a highly dangerous situation. Are we going to attack because of his ego?”the CIA chief said, according to the book.

Republican lawmakers were quick to attack Milley, and Senator Marco Rubio asked President Joe Biden to cease the general.

A Trump advocate, Rubio alleged that Milley “worked to actively undermine the acting Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces and contemplated a treacherous leak of classified information to the Chinese Communist Party “.

“These actions by General Milley demonstrate a clear lack of good judgment, and I urge you to fire him immediately,” the senator said in a letter to Biden.

By Guillaume Naudin, RFI Washington Correspondent


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