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6-Year-Old Vegan Sells Only Plant-Based Girl Scout Cookies

Image credit: News 10

A 6-year-old vegan Girl Scout sells only Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies, which is the only vegan variety available to her, ABC News 10 reported.

Girl Scout cookie season is in full swing and vegan Girl Scout Emilia, who considers herself an animal lover, said she wanted to simultaneously support the Girl Scouts and animals.

Although there are several vegan Girl Scout cookie flavors, Thin Mints is the only vegan flavor available from Little Brownie Bakers, the company that supplies the cookies to Eastern New York, where Emilia resides.

The young girl, therefore, only sells Thin Mint cookies, which have been a hit, according to News 10.

“It makes me really happy to know that I’m helping the animals and helping the Girl Scouts,” said Emilia.

She added that being vegan can be difficult due to a lack of knowledge about veganism.

“It’s sort of hard because people, well, they don’t understand why you’re vegan,” she said. “They don’t understand how you love animals, but it’s also good because you can help the animals.”

Girls Scouts of Northeastern New York Retail Sales and Product Services Manager Susan Conway called Emilia the epitome of what is required to be a Girl Scout.

“Keep growing. Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep standing up for what you believe in, and go out there and ask everybody you know if they want to buy Thin Mints from you,” said Conway.

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