23-Year-Old Vegan Launches “Experimental” Restaurant Combining Music, Art, and Food

Francesca Chaney
Image: Instagram/Sol Sips

23-year-old vegan chef and restaurateur Francesca Chaney will launch an experimental restaurant in Bushwick, New York that combines music, art, and food.

Named “First Sunday,” the restaurant has a small performance stage and can host up to 50 diners. It features a “dinner and show” concept that combines music, art, and vegan food.

In an interview with Eater New York, Chaney said that she aims to make vegan food accessible to everyone in Bushwick by making her menu items affordable.

“I’ve always wanted to have a full-service restaurant that would be able to incorporate art, and I knew coming into Sol Sips that that was going to be the plan in the long run,” Chaney told Eater New York.

“My inspiration is just coming from [the] community [and] honoring the fact that there are so many ideas that are within Bushwick from artists and creatives that are looking for a space. We’re just making it something for the people, by the people.”

First Sunday will offer meals-plus-art from Thursday to Sunday by reservation only. It will last 2 hours and may be different than the next.

Diners will be able to choose their dishes before coming into the restaurant and will be served at once upon arriving to their table. The cuisine will be 100% plant-based and soy-free.

From Monday to Wednesday, the vegan restaurant will operate regularly and will be open to walk-ins. It will feature ala carte vegan meals as well as music and art.

First Sunday vegan restaurant will be launched in July behind Chaney’s fast-casual restaurant Sol Sips.

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